Web Development

Web Development: Development of Internet Applications (Web Development) is the next step after Web Design that will help you achieve the greatest profit possible regarding the promotion of your business through the internet.

Regarding Web Development we could mention certain applications, like for example e-Commerce (e-shop, e-banking, B2B, B2C), Systems of Content Management (Content Management System – CMS), Management Systems of Customers? Relations (Customer Relation Management – CRM) or even more specialised applications like Online Booking Systems for hotel units, ticket reservations etc.

The benefits that someone may obtain by applying something of the above certainly do not appear at a first glance. Take under consideration the following: for example a System of Content Management (Content Management System – CMS) is a way with which you can keep your site updated at any time needing us to intervene.

Texts, photographs, announcements, contact details and other useful information about your product may be added and processed at any time by you, even if you have little knowledge of internet and computers, thus gaining time and money. With a Management System of Customers? Contacts (Customer Relation Management – CRM) adapted to your own needs, you would save all of the essential information about your customers and your associates like for example contact details, scheduled meetings and potential obligations that you may have towards them or the opposite. Moreover it could be extended to such level that would make it possible to have follow-ups and automated briefing on potential debts of customers/ associates owed to you.

As you can see there are a lot of options and possibilities. However, someone who would want to profit from the development of a web application should understand that this application should be made according to his own needs. These needs will be determined from a series of studies and analysis and no common method that is usually followed for everyone should be applied because it will probably lead to unfinished or even sometimes incorrect and undesirable results. For example the development of two e-Commerce applications may differ reasonably because of the different needs of the client.

Our main concern is to comprehend exactly what are the needs of our clients/associates and apply all that is needed in order to not only get the full potential it will offer, but also a result that is presentable (aesthetically pleasing), functional, user friendly and search engines friendly (seo friendly & web standards) and will bring out suitably the product or the services for which it was made.